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There are many different types of degrees that you can get: you can be an engineer, a doctor, a teacher… And then there is the one that you get from travelling the world. That one is a little harder to achieve. It’s not enough to go around and stay at the best hotel everywhere: you need to walk with open eyes.


Each one of us have a passion: there are those people who enjoy kicking back with a glass of beer watching the games and then there are the painters, the sculptors, writers, teachers… There is something in this world for everyone. Travelling is something that can be included – but it’s definitely one of the pricier obsessions that some can have. And yet, it’s one that provides you with much more than what you spend on it. Being able to see other cultures, people… It in itself a lesson that cannot be given in any classroom. Of course, it’s not something that anyone can do – besides funds, the right attitude is also required to be able to do it. You can’t just up and leave for a year and expect everything to go smoothly.


It oftentimes does, but there may be bumps and cracks on the road. And yet it’s something I yearn to do once more. The rush that you only feel when you are getting close to seeing a new place, a new country is close to being addictive. It’s a different kind of school, one that many can see, but not everyone can appreciate. But why is it so important?

Is it really better than just grabbing a few books and reading about the topic of your interest?


Yes, even if it costs a lot more. Reading is one thing – it’s amazing and it satisfies thirst for knowledge quite well – but being able to experience is another.


Travelling the world means that you leave everything behind – for months or more. You can’t take everyone or everything – oftentimes it’s just you or a select few friends who tag along. But it helps you see things differently.


Local people can teach you more than documentaries or movies. And so many times they are more than happy to do so! Tourists tend to just flock around the most important sites, the ones you see in guidebooks, but there are people who crave for more. Taking a peek into the life of the people that have lived in the area helps you to understand life more.


There are things we take as granted but others don’t even think about – and then there are things that they possess, but we would never even think of owning them. It’s about being a teacher and a student at the same time. People will be curious, probably just as much as you. Even when you visit a country much like yours, there will be similarities and differences. Cuisine, ways of living… They are all vary depending on the area.


With travelling, you become willing to accept these things and learn from them. It’s not always easy but if you try, you will come back from your journey much richer than when you have left. My next journey finally starts this July, and I am set on making it the best one yet. This time I will not be alone, but I have done this before for three years. I like to think that I have already learned a lot from others – but I still have much to find out.


Being able to travel the world means that you get to see what’s behind the scenes. TV, books.. they so often show just one side of the coin. You need to go where they had been made to see the truth many times. It’s easier of course to just believe everything, but many of us don’t believe in just that.


To see something with your own eyes is a blessing. Travelling to places you have seen in books or on the web, or studied about for classes is definitely amazing – and it’s an experience that can help you become a better person. I personally believe that it is very important to have the chance to live away for a while, to explore.


Of course, one year away from everything and everyone that you know isn’t very easy. If anything, it’s a challenge in itself. It helps you realise many things about yourself as well as about everyone else. And then there is another thing that often comes up – the dreaded language issue! So many times, you can read it everywhere – but what if they don’t speak English there? That’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about people, gestures, how to read them and of course, how different cultures can still communicate. You don’t have to know every word from the dictionary to be able to make a new friend, a smile is very often just enough. Locals can bond to you over coffee or tea – or anything else that they enjoy. Of course, sometimes it will be foreign to you, so much that you will not want to try. But is it really so difficult to work up some courage? Many times, things that we consider normal are completely odd to others.


I have been to many places so far, and I speak from my heart when I say that courage is the only thing that you need to be able to feel at home in the world. Because when you travel, truly travel and not just bounce from once place to another, you are looking for a different kind of home. Not the town you were born in, but similar…


There is one place I have not looked yet, but I am ready to do! I would like to finally visit Antarctica. I have been to every other continent but there! But I am planning to change it. This trip will be a great voyage around the world hopefully to every continent in the world.





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