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First time for everything

Blurry and with some parts unseen is a new unexplored path before you, who knows where a new experience can take you.

Sitting on a corner in Hanoi it was my first time. I had heard about it before. I had seen other people do it, and still at 33 I had never had one to myself.

I was with a girlfriend that I have known for over 20 years. She decided that during those years we had had many firsts together and that this time she wanted to be there when I experienced mine. She leaned over and spoke to a local man standing in a shop and pointed to the wall. She had done it before almost everyone I knew had. She claimed all I would have to do was try it once in front of her and she would be satisfied and then if I didn’t like it she wouldn’t force me to do it again.

However that was not what happened. The man placed a small cup in front of my friend. Brown powder and yellow underneath it was all I could see as I looked down at it. She tried some, pleased, she smiled and slid it so it was in front of me. I peered down at it, wondering what it would taste like wondering if it was going to be like other people had said. I picked up the cup and brought it to my lips warm custard like liquid hit my lips. Warm cream filled my mouth then a sharp bitter taste join in. I pulled the cup back swallowing what was in my mouth. Still the cream lingered like thick custard in my mouth. The cup was small and in two more sips I ended up finishing my friends order. She laughed and even made a comment that she had wanted more and that it was for me to try and not finish, but it was to late and it was already gone. She leaned back to the guy to order another one but he stated they were sold out and had no more. We looked at each other “sorry,” I said.

So the adventure around the city began looking for more egg coffee. Yup, egg coffee doesn’t sound appealing, right, but let me tell you in northern Vietnam it’s great. We ended up having 3 more cups that day and I was off the wall, it is strong but oh so creamy and good. I had never drank a cup of coffee before that. I had remembered when I was young and had tried a sip of my fathers and found it bitter and didn’t like it since then I had not had the desire do drink it again until this day.

However, now as she and I travel around the world, in the Philippines we try Kopi Luwak coffee and find that even black, it is good and does not have the bitter after tastes of the other coffees we have tried. Since Vietnam I have tried around 20 different flavors and types of coffee expanding my tastes and trying new things. They say every 7 years or so your tastes change and it is good from time to time to try things again maybe things you did not like in the past. For me, at least this has now turned into a new adventure, trying the local taste as I go.

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