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I would like to tell you a story about a girl, a beautiful necklace and a tour guide. 

One beautiful day while in Egypt a girl was hanging out with new friends she had made while on a tour; explore parts of the world she had never seen before. New adventures awaited her each day while she gazed up at pyramids, walked in ancient tombs, took a cruise down the Nile and spent some nights riding in a bus to a new city. Several years before she had bought a gorgeous amber stone from a mine in the Dominican Republic. She had it shipped to America cut and polished and wrapped it in silver so it could hang upon her neck. Whenever she wore it people would ask her about it and gaze deep into the stone seeing creators and specks of millions of years ago compressed in the amber. While on her tour in Egypt she wore her necklace and the people on the tour asked her about it and touched it. They had not known much about amber but amber is known as a healing stone one of good energy. That night she took it off and put it on the counter in her room.
The next day she awoke and went to breakfast, she talked and socialized with the others on her tour. She laid next to the Red Sea and played mini golf. She ate lunch and talked with her tour guide Ra Moza and her new friends while laughing and learning the history of Egypt. After lunch she returned to her room where she started to pack because her bus was leaving at 2:30 am and she wanted it out of the way. Looking around she notice that her bed was made and the room had been neaten up, obviously by house keeping. Upon reaching down for her shoes she found only the silver setting for her beautiful amber necklace with the stone missing. She searched around the floor of her room looking near her shoes and under her bed, looking around her purse and other things on the counter. Fear started to well up inside her and confusion as what had happen to her necklace. It had been there in the morning before she had left. She started to get mad that her necklace was broken. She took the setting and walked up to reception where she attempted to explain that the stone out of the necklace was missing. But since she didn’t speak Arabic the message wasn’t as strong as it should have been. But the man behind the counter understood and said he would call house keeping and for her to return to her room to look for the stone. While walking back to her room she knocked on the door to her tour guides room knowing that Ra Moza had left after lunch to try to get a little rest. She knew he could help her and that he was fluent in Arabic and the way to get things done. She explained to him what happened and held up the empty setting. He had seen the necklace before and had even touched the stone the day before. Ra Moza went to her room to try and help her look while they were they she found a small chip on the ground of the stone which had once filled the setting of her necklace. He took both the small chip and the setting and said “let’s go to reception.” He walked with her letting her know that he would help her straighten this out and fix it. At this point she was mad, she figured someone had dropped the necklace and broken the stone and then had cleaned up the pieces and left. Ra Moza spoke sternly with the man behind the counter after which a manager and the manager of house keeping was called. All four of them returned to the room where she showed them where she had found the setting and when she found it. Some Arabic sounded over one of the house keepers radios and he stated that the house keeper had found the broken stone on the ground and placed it in her bag. She dumped out her purse and there was no stone. Then the manager opened the only other bag on the counter her make up bag in which among the make up they found the large amber stone which was once as long as four fingers are wide was now broken in two as well as small chips missing. The three men spoke in Arabic after which Ra Moza told her to come with them up to reception. The man behind the reception desk asked her and Ra Mos to wait while another manager was called to talk about replacing the necklace. Once he got there Ra Moza spoke on her behalf telling the man the whole story no doubt similar to the story his workers told him. They agreed upon an amount which would replace the necklace. The manager asked to keep the stone pieces and she handed them to him and returned to her room. A short while later Ra Moza knocked on her door the manager was now claiming that the stone was fake and would not paid the agreed upon amount. Ra Moza asked her if she was sure the necklace was real she stated it was. Trusting her once again he fought in the discussion on her behalf. They agree all of them would go to a third party person a professional jeweler to say if the stone was real or not. She was sure it was but with the men telling her she was lying and she was wrong she started to doubt herself but she knew deep down it was real she had paid good money for the beautiful stone necklace and felt like if Ra Moza wasn’t there that these men where trying to bully her into accepting pennies for her beautiful necklace. But when she looked over there was Ra Moza standing tall willing to stand on her side willing to go with her and translate and argue for her in a man society. 

Ra Moza, the manager and the girl together walked over to the jewelry shop. The managers main argument was that the stone was not real therefore they would not pay the girl to replace it and he had said that if the stone was real then they would pay to replace it. The manager even said they would glue it back together for her. She felt like this was an insult a stone glued back together still showed the crack and chips this would not be acceptable as a replacement or fix. As they walked into the shop she questioned what this jeweler would say. The question for the man was simple is her stone real. Ra Moza, the manager and the girl all watched in silence as the man behind the counter inspected the stone after what seemed like 10 minutes of which was really probably closer to 2 or 3 the man stated that he believed the stone was real. All three men started up in Arabic in front of her, shouting back and forth between them, her looking back and forth between their faces not catching a single word. After it seemed to calm down a bit she spoke up, “he says the stone is real, the agreement was that if it was real you would replace it for the agreed amount” they looked at her and then the manager spoke to Ra Moza in Arabic and then she herd him answer in English “tour guide.” The rest was in Arabic and she understood none of it. After several long minutes Ra Moza approached her with three options. In the next few hours the manager would send someone out to find a stone as good or better than hers and they would give it to her as a replacement, option two the manager would reluctantly pay the agreed upon amount option three they would set her broken stone in a new setting and give it to her. She stated to Ra Moza number three was not an option because every time she would look at it she would remember her necklace and not enjoy looking at the pieces. She was however open to option one and two. She walked outside the shop and heard the manager and Ra Mos start up again in Arabic, she however was tired of hearing about it and walked back to her room and started packing again. 

An hour or so later after the sun had set and dinner time was rolling around she herd a knock on her door, it was Ra Moza. He stated that the man who had been sent out to search for a replacement stone had returned however he stated that in his journey he had been unable to find a stone as grand and the manager had agreed to pay, the agreed upon amount. 

This story is a true story and the story of how Ra Moza the guide had helped me through an uncomfortable and misfortunate event one of which if I had not been on a tour with Timeless Tours and had not been lucky enough to have had Ra Moza as one of my guides would not have had such an enjoyable trip. While I understand things can happen both good and bad I am thankful I got put on a tour with such a great guide. Even days leading up to this while on the tour I could see he actually cares for the people he takes on his tours. He checks in with all the guests making sure that they are okay during the day. Telling them the amazing history of his country, telling them what things are actually worth at the shops so you can bargain and should not get an as bad tourist price from the locals. To my friends and family and even strangers reading this I can honestly say that I would book again with Timeless Tours and you will have an amazing guide if you are lucky enough to get Ra Moza. 

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