A great idea comes to life on Kiva, making loans to people around the world in areas most loan companies don’t exist or charge so much that the small fish never gets a chance to grow. Their main motto is “Dreams are universal opportunities are not” It is a non-profit organization that loans to the small fish. A woman with 3 kids in some far away land would like to grow her fruit stand she comes to Kiva, and leaders from all over the word lend as little as $25 to help her reach her goal. The site writes about what the person wants to do with the money and if they have ever had a loan through Kiva before. It also gives you more information about how you will get repaid and the terms of the loan. I recently hit over 100 loans and I enjoy lending to countries I travel to along the way. Here is a link to check out the site and see if $25 is something you can loan out to help some see their dreams come to life. Also once it is repaid you have the option to re-lend it or to cash it out.

Help change a life with a loan of 25.00 get paid back and loan again to people around the world check out Kiva a great non profit


(photo was used from Kiva website)

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