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While I only started out planing a 4-6 month trip to Australia I ended up on an adventure that spanned 5 years of my life and over 30 countries. I kept a list of my adventures as I go. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed experiencing it.


Things I have done in 2013

Got to travel Jan to Dec and traveled to Australia, Bali, Lombok, 3 of the Gili Islands, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and New Zealand



Worked in the outback at a lumber yard

Mustered Cattle in the outback

Flew in a helicopter

Found Dinosaur bones at an archeological dig site

Lived on the Great Barrier Reef for 5 days

Fell in love with Byron Bay

Did couchsurfing

Showed up with no plan

Woke up in the Outback and got to see 3-6 shooting stars each morning, to start my day

Went white water rafting on the Tully in the misty mountains



Saw a live cock fight

Was blessed by a medicine man/ priest

Saw hills of endless rice fields

Went white water rafting making it 43% of the world’s continents I have rafted on

Watched a mass cremation ceremony in the monkey forest (only happens once every 5 years)


Gili Air

Found my favorite spot in the world sitting on a bamboo lounge and blue cushions

Held a ticket to paradise and used it



Ate breakfast with monks at a temple and was invited by the abbot

Got to stand in the winner’s circle at a horse race with a horse I bet on

Was on Thai Tv channel 7

Watched a live muay Thai fight

Went to a festival / carnival

Floated on my back at night in natural hot springs in the mountains of northern Thailand and


New Zealand

Found amber on the beach

Climbed to the top of a mountain

Picked up hitch hikers

Went white water rafting on a sacred river where a chief is buried behind a 5 meter waterfall

Been to the most northerly point of New Zealand and saw two seas crashing together

Went to a town that has my name and they loved it so much they said it twice



Ran through the Botanical gardens barefoot in the pouring rain

Went on a night Safari



Found my favorite sushi restaurant in the world (so far in KL)

Saw hills of endless rice fields



Things I have done in 2014

Got to travel starting in Jan and traveled to China, Thailand, Cambodia, Qatar, Greece, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Vatican City, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Morocco, Spain, UAE, Malaysia, Australia



I watched the sun rise from the Great Wall of China

Ate dumplings in China


I have caught a tiger by its toe

Was riding a motorbike and had to move to the side of the road to let an elephant pass


Stood at the top of a temple that was built in the early 12th century

Walked across human remains

Took a photo with a Thailand/ Cambodia movie star

I got a massage from a blind person at an all blind massage spa

Learned to appreciate a cold shower


Have been to a silent airport

Watched the sunrise from Doha


Watched the sunset over Athens

Explored the Parthenon and temples

Walked with protesters in Athens

Spent Easter in a small village up in the mountains with all the bells

Slept in a 12 century or older bishops house attached to the church

Saw valleys of olive groves in the mountains of southern Greece

Swung on a swing overlooking the Messianic Bay (part of the Mediterranean Sea)

Got 3 balloons and handed them out to 3 random children while walking in Athens

Saw Mt. Olympus




Took a photo with the Mona Lisa

Walked the Catacombs underneath Paris



Sniffed Chocolate

Took a boat ride in the canals of Bruges



Read passages from the original Anne Frank’s diary



Got paid to make bubbles

Was in two places at once (half in West Berlin and half in East Berlin)

Walked through the Iron curtain


Czech Republic

Saw fields and fields of bright yellow canola flowers



Climbed Mt. Hocstaufen 1750m (5741 ft 54164in) in the Alps

Went to an Opera

Rode on a bicycle 25km through small towns and endless vineyards near        Kreams

Got swept away by the Danube



Took a gondola through the Grand Canal

I used the saying “When in Rome” while I was in Rome

I saw where Julius Caesar was stabbed


Vatican City

Saw the Pope give a live speech at the Vatican

Been to the smallest country in the world



Took a dip in the fairy pools on Skye

Walked on a peninsula cliff where the dirt trail was only as wide as my foot

Climbed a hill and sat atop it reading a book while looking out over the ocean and Scottish isles

Had a picnic in the Ferrie Glen on Skye

Watched the wind create ripples in a sea of grass

Took a photo with Dolly

Saw the grave of a dog that could vote before women

Ate fudge on Arthur’s Seat


Northern Ireland-

Meet guys from the night watch

It rained on my parade, literally

Sat like a giant on the causeway

Ventured into the depths of the Fermanagh earth to the Marble arch caves

Saw an Irish rainbow over a pasture of sheep

Attended a yarn night at a barn in Cushendall

Was on BBC Ireland Tv on “The Gatherin”

Road a motorcycle through the dark hedges

Played an exotic fruit orchestra
Rode pillion around the world’s fastest road race (Ulster grand prix)

Sat in King Williams chair from 1690
I gave Belfast a full moon from the top of Cave hill

Posed with the Moana Lisa of Belfast



Was interviewed on the John Murray show (RTE National Ireland Radio)(

Walked across Ireland (Galway to Dublin 246km)

Walked all the Grand Canal

Kissed the Blarney Stone

Saw 4 Rainbows in one day



Morocco –

Watched a blood moon eclipse from the morocco desert

Drove a horse drawn cart

Took a selfie with a 1 million dirham (100,000 euro) horse

Rode a camel

Walked in the Atlas Mountains

Felt the sands of time running threw my fingers while camping in the Sahara

Been to the oldest university in the world

Saw and tasted the spectacle of Djemaa el-fna

Did meditation on a roof top terrace in tangier overlooking the old medina and the Mediterranean




Road through the strait of Gibraltar

Best day in Spain was Alhambra in the rain

Ate tapas in a cave

Stood before a publicly displayed statue dedicated to the devil

Saw Picasso’s Guernica



Flew to KL to have thanksgiving dinner at my favorite sushi restaurant in the world



Swam with wild seals

Did a ride along with the coast guard

Stood where allied troops fired the first shot of WWI



Things I have done in 2015

Traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, England, Wales, Denmark, Sweden



Spent New Year’s watching fireworks in Melbourne

Saw the ins and outs of the Great Ocean Road

Spent the night drinking champagne and eating chocolates on an 8 million dollar yacht


New Zealand

Flew over mountain tops as the clouds parted to revile hidden lakes

Walked on the steepest street in the world

Rescued a starfish and found hundreds of sand dollars

Found 309 toys in the labyrinth rocks

Went to a restaurant and ordered the most expensive thing on the menu

Ate sulfur from a sulfur tube, drank water that tasted like blood, chocked on gas from the volcano all on White Island



Wrote a haiku about a stranger I saw at the airport and gave it to him

Walked across Shibuya crossing

Walk around Sayama Lake the inspiration for My Neighbor Totoro

Spent the day wondering with friends around Disney Sea

Ate every meal with chopsticks for a month

Found my favorite fast food restaurant in the world Uobei

Made hundreds of origami cranes



Read from the Egyptian book of the dead

Oliver Koletzki dj while I danced till early dawn



Spent days, relaxing in the Swiss alps

Took a train car ferry through a mountain

Found a country that my camera could not do justice for it



Rode into town at sunset on a train

Drank Bull’s blood and ate cake on a day out in Budapest

Stood next to the shoes on the Danube



Rode into town at sunset on a train

Walked through a gas chamber of Auschwitz

Heard the bugle call from St,. Mary’s cathedral



Walked across the border into Ukraine

Found a country that was a hidden gem

Took the metro from the deepest metro station in the world Arsenalna station in Kyiv going down at 105.5 meters



Saw fields of sunflowers staring at the sun



Descended down a old coal mine

Spent the afternoon winding among boulders and through fields of bright purple wild flowers

Passed through the longest un-ventilated road tunnel in Europe.

When to the world’s only petrifying well



Danced on top of a mountain in Snowdonia



Ate dinner with 100 refugees at a camp

Explored around Sweden’s Largest Preserved stone ship Ales Stenar

Stood in rain for four hours fishing, and enjoyed every minute of it

Went to a party at the top of an 100 year old water tower

Tired my hand at blowing out of a 150 year old copper horn used to give the all clear sign from invasion during the night blown every 15 mins every night for over 300 years


Things I did in 2016

Traveled to Colombia and Peru



Climbed 740 steps to see one of the best views in the world at the top of el penol

Hiked the “small cliffs” in Tayrona to see an active native village



Rode a bicycle threw the Andes Mountains

Chewed Coca leaves

Napped in a hammock on the Inka trail

Watched the sunrise over the mountain tops to cast its rays on me standing in Macchu Piccu

Took a bus ride that was like sitting in a comfy chair at home watching National geographic about the Peruvian country side

Laid on a rock warmed by the sun reading overlooking the highest navigable lake in the world


Things I did in 2017



            Saw the birth place of British Columbia

Illinois, USA

Sat on the shore of Lake Michigan

Watched the fireflies dancing across the fields

Stood under the silver bean

Ate brunch on the 95th floor overlooking the Chicago skyline



Untangled a water buffalo

Bathed an elephant 

Did a 30 day Muay Thai training camp 

Started to learn some BJJ 

Spent 5 weeks living on an island 

Saw a mummified monk 

Got bit by bed bugs



Locked in to a home stay and held for ransom for 75,000 (3.5$)

Hiked the rice terraces in Sapa

Drank – egg coffee

Kayaked in the rain in halong bay


Gili air – returned to paradise

Saw 100 jumping fish

Heard gentle waves leaving its glistening moisture over beaches of corals

Drank luwak coffee

Has a tire blow out on a motorcycle while driving it



Sailed in a boat race on the pittwater waterway

Saw fireflies dancing among the ferns in the national park

Meet Sam from the book pigwin bloom

Had my first international photography show

Was served cake by the minister of education for New South Wales



Room caught on fire

Held a live scorpion

Dove a Japanese gun boat the USA sank in ww2

Played coconut basketball

Got a 4 handed massage on the beach on a small island

Charted a private boat to take us to an island resort

Took a commercial flight that left 30 min early from the airport



Took a boat ride on the Ganges River

Ate cheese made from water buffalo milk

Stared out the window where the king was forced to gaze but forbidden to go to his love ( Taj Mahal )

Got henna

Took a 4 day private tour around the golden triangle

Saw where Ashes of Mahatma Gandhi are


Saw dew point on the sugarcane fields

Touched the great pyramid of Giza

Watched the moon set over the western desert as escorted by an armed guard

Kissed a crocodile

Been in side a pyramid

Longest bus ride of my travels 17.5 hours 

Tallest oblesic in Egypt

Dipped my toes in the Red Sea 


New York, USA

Stood in eerie silence with 100 +/- people on the subway

Experienced the power of Niagara falls

Had my bag not show up at my destination

Had only leggings, bennie, long sleeve and windbreaker to protect me from the snow and bone chilling wind

Watched fireworks on New Years over the Falls

Arizona, USA

Preformed a wedding as the minster

Got a smaller backpack (carry on size) to travel with


Iceland – went in winter Jan/Feb

Saw miles of snow covered lava fields

Walked on a crack on a frozen pond

Watched the Aurora dance across the sky while standing outside in -7’c

Watched the sunrise after 10 am

Had fish and chips better than in England

Bathed in run off waste from a geothermal water plant

Stood between two tectonic plates


Things I have eaten list:

Escargot in France

Feta Cheese in Greece

Dumplings in China

Bratwurst in Germany

Kangaroo in Australia

Buffalo in The United States

Pizza in Italy

Haggis in Scotland

Cous Cous in Morocco

Tapas in Spain

Hare in New Zealand

Sushi in Japan

Swiss cheese in Switzerland

Langos in Hungary

Perogies in Poland

Borsh in Ukraine

Yorkshire pudding in England

Julbord in Sweden

Alpaca in Peru

Nanaimo bar in Canada

Lassie in India

Tamea in Egypt

Shark in Iceland

Reindeer in Norway


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